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Medical Gas For All Your Needs

We can provide all of the following medical gases:

– Bulk Medical Oxygen
  • For respiration to allow greater oxygenation of the blood stream in situations of impaired breathing action and lung function.
  • Wound Care – AGP specializes in providing turnkey systems to support Hyperbaric chambers.
  • Our bulk supply capabilities extend throughout New England. We participate as a preferred supplier providing high purity oxygen to area VA Hospitals and clinics.

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– Liquid Nitrogen
  • Cryosurgery Liquid Nitrogen is used to safely remove skin lesions such as warts and tags in both humans and animals by the use of spray tips or probes attached to a cryogenic applicator.
  • Sample Storage – Liquid Nitrogen can be used to store medical samples such as blood, plasma & semen

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– Medical Air
  • Medical Air is also used as a medical gas in breathing apparatus throughout hospitals and care facilities
– Medical Carbon Dioxide
  • Medical carbon dioxide is used for various medical purposes, such as in its liquid phase, where it provides sub-zero temperatures for cryotherapy or other surgical practices.

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– Nitrous Oxide
  • Inhalation anesthetic
– Purified Helium
  • As a laser gas.
– Special Gases & Gas Mixtures
  • We offer a complete line of calibration and high-purity gases for analytical instruments.
– Medical Piping Systems and Design
  • AGP maintains in-house capabilities to assist in the design and installation of turnkey Medical Grade piping systems for delivery  of consistent high quality oxygen and other respiratory gases.

Our Company is comprised of the following principle business lines:

  • Full-service industrial & specialty gas supplier.
  • National Helium Supply: AGP serves retail and wholesale Helium customers throughout the continental US.
  • National Beverage Carbon Dioxide Supply: AGP utilizes direct and partner coverage to supply throughout the continental US
  • Regional Welding Supply Retailer and full-service Welding Equipment and Consumable Sales
  • Cryogenic Gases in Liquid Container, MicroBulk and Bulk form.
  • Bulk and cylinder propane sales.

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About our Operations:

  • AGP's business hours are 7am to 5pm Monday through Friday. Earlier service is often available.
  • Emergency service contact available 24/7.
  • Saturday retail hours – 8-12 –excluding summer months
  • Personnel always available via cell phone.
  • Flexible, reactive, rapid response to customer requests.
  • Can do attitude.
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