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Propane Supplier for Eastern Massachusetts

AGP provides residential propane and industrial propane for homes and businesses in eastern Massachusetts and southern New Hampshire. From heating and cooking in homes and RVs to power generation, refrigeration, and fueling forklifts, AGP’s propane refill and delivery service serves our customers’ needs with a broad range of propane tanks and cylinders in various sizes as well as bulk propane.

If you have any questions, please call us at (617) 381-1020 or fill out the form to get a quote.

Residential Propane and Industrial Propane Services

– Construction

Used for operation of on-site heaters.

– Domestic and Industrial Fuel

Propane is used for cooking on grills and stoves. Additionally, used for heating homes, livestock facilities, in grain dryers, and other heat-producing appliances.

– Refrigeration

Extensively used for conventional stationary refrigeration and air conditioning systems

– Transportation

Propane is being increasingly used as a vehicle fuel worldwide. It runs noticeably cleaner which results in less engine wear without diluting engine oil (often extending oil-change intervals), and costs a little over half conventional gasoline.

– Semiconductor Manufacturing

Used to deposit silicon carbide on the chips and boards.

– Consumer Goods Manufacturing

Used for many household aerosol sprays, shaving creams and air fresheners.

Propane Tank Sizes & Bulk Propane

Contents Part Number
Physical Size – Inch
CGA Valve Service
O.D. Height
20.0Lb. PR20 12.0 18.0 510 109

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30.0Lb. PR30 12.0 24.0 510 109
33.5Lb. PR33.5MF 11.0 25.0 510 109
40.0Lb. PR40 12.0 30.0 510 109
100.0Lb. PR100 15.0 47.0 510 109
420.0Lb. PR420 32.0 52.0 510 109
500.0G PRBulk 43.0 114.0 510 109
1000.0G PRBulk 43.0 192.0 510 109

Cylinder Brackets/Accessories – Contact us for additional information.

Shipping Information

CAS Registry Number: 74-86-6
UN number UN 1978
ECCN number
DOT Proper Shipping Name: Propane
DOT Classification 2.1 (Flammable gas)
DOT Label Flammable Gas

Description of Propane Gas

Propane is a flammable, colorless gas with a faint odor. Propane is used for heating, metal cutting and numerous laboratory applications. Propane is supplied in various cylinder sizes and in bulk form.

Industrial propane has a typical purity of 99.0%; for purities or applications that require improved product quality please refer to AGP’s specialty gas products.

Gas Data:
Formula: C3H4
Molecular Weight: 44.01
Density: 0.11599 lb/ft3 @ 70f, 14.696psia
Specific Volume: 8.6214 ft3 @ 70f, 14.696psia

Questions? Please call us at (617) 381-1020 or fill out the form to get a quote.

Our Company is comprised of the following principle business lines:

  • Full-service industrial & specialty gas supplier.
  • National Helium Supply: AGP serves retail and wholesale Helium customers throughout the continental US.
  • National Beverage Carbon Dioxide Supply: AGP utilizes direct and partner coverage to supply throughout the continental US
  • Regional Welding Supply Retailer and full-service Welding Equipment and Consumable Sales
  • Cryogenic Gases in Liquid Container, MicroBulk and Bulk form.
  • Bulk and cylinder propane sales.

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About our Operations:

  • AGP's business hours are 7am to 5pm Monday through Friday. Earlier service is often available.
  • Emergency service contact available 24/7.
  • Saturday retail hours – 8-12 –excluding summer months
  • Personnel always available via cell phone.
  • Flexible, reactive, rapid response to customer requests.
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