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Helium Supplier AGP made strategic supply deal to ensure availability

In past years, all helium gas providers have not been able to provide any guarantee of helium. We were at the mercy of major suppliers who would ensure they had sufficient helium for MRIs, medical applications and other high tech uses. Balloon retailers were the first to be shut off from supply. That is no longer the case; AGP realized some time ago that we needed independent supply and made a strategic supply deal to ensure availability. We can now offer a guarantee of availability for all your needs.

AGP’s Helium supply value proposition is unmatched in the industry!

  • AGP is supplied directly from independent wells. AGP is the largest independent purchaser of balloon helium in the US Market.
  • Offers common pricing and invoicing throughout the US.
  • AGP is not a broker. AGP has a strong supply chain with wholesale supply to strategic partners combined with 28 state direct supply. Vertically integrated supply is one of the strongest in the industry
  • Worldwide on-site installation services.
  • Offers vendor managed cylinder helium inventory support.
  • AGP offers all inclusive pricing. All costs of product, rental, delivery and hazmat charges are included.
  • National and global account coverage.
  • Platinum Preferred Vendor of the Party Club of America

Helium Gas Products and Services

  • Helium tanks, cylinders, regulators
  • Bulk gas project management and consultant services.
  • Worldwide on-site installation services.
  • Turnkey bulk gas offerings.
  • National and global account coverage.

Helium Cylinder Sizes Available – Contents in cubic feet (cf)

Contents Part Number
Physical Size – Inch
CGA Valve Service
O.D. Height

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20 cf HE20 5.25 13.75 580 2015
40 cf HE40 7.00 17.40 580 2015
55 cf HE55 7.00 22.60 580 2015
80 cf HE80 7.00 32.40 580 2015
125 cf HE125 7.00 43.00 580 2015
250 cf HE250 9.00 51.00 580 2015
300 cf HE300 9.25 55.00 580 2400

Cylinder Brackets/Accessories Contact us for further information.

Shipping Information

CAS Registry Number: 7440-59-7
UN number UN 1046
ECCN number IC980
DOT Proper Shipping Name: Helium, Compressed
DOT Classification 2.2 (Nonflammable gas)
DOT Label Nonflammable Gas, Oxidizer

Helium Specifications

Helium is a chemically inert, colorless, odorless gas. Used in many applications where the elimination of air or oxygen is required. Also used for leak checking, inerting, blanketing and industrial applications. Helium is supplied in various cylinder sizes and in bulk form.

Industrial helium has a typical purity of 99.995%; for purities or applications that require improved product quality please refer to AGP’s specialty gas products.

Formula: He
Gas Data:
Molecular Weight: 4.00
Density: 0.0103lb/ft3 @ 70f, 14.696psia
Specific Volume: 97.1 ft3 @ 70f, 14.696psia


Order Helium gas from AGP for stable long term pricing and availability. Contact us today at 800-439-0100!

Our Company is comprised of the following principle business lines:

  • Full-service industrial & specialty gas supplier.
  • National Helium Supply: AGP serves retail and wholesale Helium customers throughout the continental US.
  • National Beverage Carbon Dioxide Supply: AGP utilizes direct and partner coverage to supply throughout the continental US
  • Regional Welding Supply Retailer and full-service Welding Equipment and Consumable Sales
  • Cryogenic Gases in Liquid Container, MicroBulk and Bulk form.
  • Bulk and cylinder propane sales.

Directions to American Gas Products

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About our Operations:

  • AGP's business hours are 7am to 5pm Monday through Friday. Earlier service is often available.
  • Emergency service contact available 24/7.
  • Saturday retail hours – 8-12 –excluding summer months
  • Personnel always available via cell phone.
  • Flexible, reactive, rapid response to customer requests.
  • Can do attitude.
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