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CO2 Cylinders / Carbon Dioxide Tanks

Bulk CO2, CO2 gas cylinders, CO2 tanks, CO2 regulators

Uses & Applications for Carbon Dioxide Gas by Industry

– Food & Beverage

AGP has installed systems and consulted with every kind of hospitality establishment. Our systems cater to businesses in all facets of the food and beverage industry; large and small chain restaurants, local independent restaurants, bars, night clubs, golf courses, function facilities and colleges. AGP’s Beverage System Specialists will aid in determining the proper sizes of products, installation requirements and are available 24/7 for on-site customer service. AGP also offers regulator services; draft line cleaning and full system consulting.

  • Beer Gas Cylinders
– Healthcare

Carbon dioxide USP is often combined with oxygen or air as a respiratory stimulant to promote deep breathing. Additionally, CO2 is used for insufflation.

  • Respiratory Therapy & Pulmonary Function Testing
– Pulp & Paper

Carbon dioxide is used in the pulp and paper industry to control pH levels, enhance pulp yield, and wash brown stock and bleached stock.

  • Screening
  • Washing
– Welding & Metal Fabrication

Carbon dioxide is often mixed with argon as a shielding gas used to prevent atmospheric contamination of molten metal in electric arc welding processes.

  • Welding Processes
– Chemicals
– Electronics
– Pharmaceutical & Biotechnology

See also Beer gas, CO2 for beverage carbonation

CO2 Products and Services

  • CO2 gas, Beer gas
  • Carbon dioxide cylinders and regulators, CO2 tanks
  • Bulk CO2 gas project management and consultant services.
  • Worldwide on-site installation services.
  • Turnkey bulk CO2 gas offerings.
  • National and global account coverage.

CO2 Cylinder Sizes Available – Contents in Pounds (Lbs)

Contents Part Number
Physical Size – Inch
CGA Valve Service
O.D. Height
5.0Lb. CD5 5.25 13.75 320 830

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10.0Lb. CD10 7.00 17.40 320 830
20.0Lb. CD20 7.75 23.50 320 830
50.0Lb. CD50 9.00 45.50 320 830
20.0Lb. CD20SY 9.00 45.50 320 830
50.0Lb. CD50SY 9.00 45.50 320 830
387.0Lb. CDL180HP 20.0 61.25 320 830
516.0Lb. CDL240HPRB 26.0 58.13 320 830

Cylinder Brackets/Accessories – Contact us for additional information.

Our Company is comprised of the following principle business lines:

  • Full-service industrial & specialty gas supplier.
  • National Helium Supply: AGP serves retail and wholesale Helium customers throughout the continental US.
  • National Beverage Carbon Dioxide Supply: AGP utilizes direct and partner coverage to supply throughout the continental US
  • Regional Welding Supply Retailer and full-service Welding Equipment and Consumable Sales
  • Cryogenic Gases in Liquid Container, MicroBulk and Bulk form.
  • Bulk and cylinder propane sales.

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